Help prospects get off the fence with a lead nurturing campaign

For those who expressed interest in your offering, but did not commit to it, try a lead nurture campaign.  By nurturing leads, you may be able to help interested prospects get off that fence to make a purchase or try your offering out.  A well managed nurture campaign educates prospects either on a regular basis (also referred to drip campaigns) or when their special interest encourages communication.  Because you’ve taken time to educate them, these prospects are more qualified, limiting the time your sales representative needs to spend in helping them make a purchasing decision.

To encourage response or action, always segment your list by your audience’s interest and consider doing so by where they are in the buying cycle.  Offer promotions and complimentary offers to those with similar interests to spur sales.

Common types of lead nurturing campaigns

Interest Campaign

Communications are driven by common interests and revolve around events or sales tools (examples:  product demo, eBooks, seminars, etc.) being available, which in turn trigger follow-up messages to keep ‘conversations’ going with the customer.


Prospects are emailed about an upcoming event, inviting them to attend.  Registration and reminder emails revolve around the event.

Drip campaign

Regular communications on a scheduled cycle – weekly, monthly, etc. Topics should be related to audience’s interests – whether directly related to your product/service or your industry as a whole – and focus on meeting a goal such as product education, promotion, onboarding, etc.


Quarterly newsletter, monthly calendar of events, or weekly special promotions.

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