We help both start-ups and established firms extend their market reach.  We’ll work with your goals and budget in mind to develop a course of action meeting your objectives and communicate regularly to ensure you are up to date on the issues that matter.

Marketing services

  • Developing integrated marketing plans or go-to-market plans

  • Executing promotion campaigns (with and without partners)

    • Developing sales tools – collateral, product demos, sales cheat sheets, and more
    • Running lead gen campaigns – direct mail, email campaigns, events, and advertising
    • Managing participation at events – trade shows and seminars
  • Developing and refreshing website presences to improve messaging, ease-of-use factors, and SEO capabilities

  • Plus more…

Tailored solutions

Because we’re a small shop, we’re flexible to support specific projects or help with ongoing program needs, ensuring improvements are sought and maintained.  With the ability to tailor solutions to address your needs, we can be your best kept secret  – helping you meet a launch date, build brand awareness, or improve customer messaging and outreach to drive more sales.

What our clients and associates say

“Need a website, but don’t know how to begin? That’s where I found myself when I wanted a website for my private practice. I was just getting started, so the budget was tight. Gale provided everything I needed on time, within budget, and with creative flare. I was so impressed with Gale’s ability to listen to what I wanted, and to really understand my practice which is pretty misunderstood by most people. I knew she “got it” when I saw the first draft of the copy. I couldn’t believe it! It was so spot on. She also worked with me on the design and architecture of the site. Gale was able to keep the big picture in mind and how it would look and read to a potential client, while also paying attention to the details… Finally, Gale is a dream to work with personally. She is flexible, yet she will also give you guidance if she thinks you are missing something important. Thank you, Gale, for getting my private practice launched!“

C. McDonald, Ph. D., Transformative Living, LLC

“I worked with Gale on a volunteer project to develop a website for the school’s choir and dance programs. She played a crucial role in helping to define layout, content and feature needs, and made sure we took into consideration any legal requirements or long term costs. Gale’s attention to detail, creativity, and expertise enabled us to create a very professional and user friendly website ahead of schedule that is now leveraged by a large community of users. Not only did Gale make this a highly successful rollout, she also made it fun!”

Former Choir Representative, Castillero Music Boosters Club

“I hoped that word-of-mouth would be enough to expand my home-based, remote access computer business, but with my business spanning multiple states, it became clear I needed a website to do more promotion.  Over time, I tried different website builders, but found the task nearly impossible.  I didn’t know what to say or the type of information to include and where.  I needed a long-term solution that kept costs down, but would be easy to maintain moving ahead.  Gale had the perfect suggestion. Within a few days, Gale had a draft and a working framework built based on some information I sent her.  Within another month, the website was 90% complete, and we worked together to finalize it.  She helped me see the website through the eyes of a customer and uncover details about my business that I had not thought through previously.  Working with Gale was a pleasure.  She’s creative, resourceful, easy to work with, and thorough.  Her knowledge of how to build a website – what is required and what is good (and poor) – was extremely important and helpful.  I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

V. LaVallee, Owner, el Consulting LLC

“Gale refreshed my DIY website, adding features and capabilities I wasn’t able to offer beforehand. Keeping within my budget, she gave the site an updated look and feel by streamlining the navigation, addressing branding issues, refreshing content, taking into account SEO considerations, and more… I couldn’t be happier with the results. They listened to my needs, offered suggestions for improvements, kept me in the loop on developments until the site was launched, and completed it on time. I would definitely work with them again.”

J. Matthews, Principal, Ascendant Staffing

“As V.P. of Communications and a founding board member, Gale helped lay the foundation for our nonprofit to thrive.  She set up a cloud based technology solution for access and storage of key documents, enabling transparency and collaboration among board members.  When creating the website, she used a freemium solution with a user friendly interface to ensure it could be maintained by future volunteers without coding experience and minimize long term operating costs.  To make program registration easier for busy parents, she implemented an online payment solution that also streamlined our operations.  Regardless of task, Gale always approached issues with a strategic mindset.  She’s easy to work with, reliable, detail oriented, and a team player – and when you’re dealing with a new organization where there’s a lot to do, it’s nice to have someone like her who can take the ball and run with it.  If I were involved in forming a business or another nonprofit, I wouldn’t hesitate to have her on my team.”

S. Schweizer, President (2017- 2018), Vice President (2015-2017), Castillero Athletic Booster Club

“Parent School Boards rely on trust and effectiveness to communicate with their members. Gale served as our Simonds PTA VP of Communications and Technology, and in her hands, any form of communication was safe and secure. She worked diligently to establish protocols for parent messages and instituted parameters to prevent unwanted solicitation and spam from our email groups. She drafted web content and ensured consistency across all our PTA web pages. And as she built trust in our communication system, her rate of response bolstered our programs and events. Whether designing, editing or posting our school newsletter, her ability to turn a project around was unmatched. Articles were verified with Committee Chairs and relevant to parents. Confidentiality was protected in every situation. I whole heartily endorse Gale and would welcome an opportunity to work with her again.”

Rachael Parakh, President (2013 - 2015), Simonds PTA

Sometimes you just need a starting point.  We get that.  If your to-do list feels overwhelming, however, please contact us.  We’re here to help.

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