Extending Reach, LLC was founded in 2010 in Silicon Valley, a southern region of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses find the resources they need to take their business to the next level.  By sharing ideas about what works and what doesn’t, we collectively learn how to do tasks faster, cheaper and better than before – enabling our individual businesses to thrive while we grow as professionals…so please, share your experience!

Whether you’re a DIYer just getting a business started or working within a large enterprise, there are times when help is needed.  The to-do list is overwhelming or it’s difficult to know where to begin…..that’s where we can help.  We can be the bridge that extends your reach to new frontiers.

Our mission is to help professionals like you find the marketing information and resources they need to make informed business decisions.  This is why you will see “Discover more” sections throughout our website to encourage users to learn more about the complexities or nuances of a topic.

With information in hand, you have a starting point for developing and executing marketing plans on your own or with outside help – whether it’s to conduct market research, create a strategy, or extend your reach. With knowledge in hand, you’re in control.  You can oversee a marketing project, understanding the risks and anticipated results; you can also focus your precious marketing dollars on tasks where they’re needed most, ensuring a better return on investment.

Gale Bardel, Founder and President of Extending Reach, LLC, brings over 15 years of professional marketing experience from large and small enterprises operating in the high tech, legal, retail, education, and medical fields.  With a B.A. in Legal Studies from University of California, Berkeley and an M.B.A. from San Francisco State University, Gale has helped start-ups and established companies gain market share by encouraging people to think out of the box, but follow time tested methods for extending their reach and promoting their businesses.

When needed, Extending Reach, LLC, works with, or recommends, consultants on projects to address specific needs.  Our goal is to ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and with satisfaction.

Extending Reach, LLC acts as your partner at the table. We collaborate and guide a project, giving insights in to considerations you may have left out of your reasoning. We take a holistic approach to understanding and meeting your marketing objectives while relying on data and research to make recommendations and execute programs.

Our experience in marketing is broad, covering a wide range of disciplines.  We don’t shy away from challenges; instead, we look for creative solutions. Whenever possible, we look for ways to make marketing tasks and business operations more efficient to promote continuity and expediency.

Most businesses require a multi-prong approach to penetrate the market, which means conducting marketing activities online and offline to reach their target audience.  We provide information to help pull that approach and vision together into a marketing strategy and go-to-market plan that you can create and execute, or have us do so on your behalf.

We’re a small shop so we can tailor our services to meet your needs – whether it’s creating a piece of collateral, refreshing a website, rolling out a direct mail or email campaign, or managing a program to make continued improvements.  We’re also happy to recommend or work with others to complete an assignment.  With personalized attention given to every project we take on, we make sure to meet  – and hopefully exceed – your expectations.  We take pride in completing projects on time and on budget.


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We know firsthand that growing a business is a journey.  If you have a new product to sell or want to take your business to the next level, don’t shy away from the opportunity.  Embrace it.  Learn what you can and share your experience.  Success starts with extending your reach.

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