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By sharing your experience, you’re extending your reach professionally, helping others find solutions and avoid mishaps.  While we cannot guarantee that we will publish your article, there’s a great chance we will if you follow our submission guidelines below.

Plan ahead

  • Step 1:  Before submitting your blog, contact us with your subject and interests.   Someone from our team will be in touch to discuss next steps.

  • Step 2: Follow our submission guidelines.

  • Step 3: Send us your article following the instructions provided by our team.

Keep our submission guidelines in mind…

Element  We recommend…
Title The subject matter is easy to identify and understand.
  • Using bullets, bold fonts for subheads and text to stress, small images (jpg format, <400KB), and charts to allow readers to scan your article for subtopics of interest.
  • Using a callout box to list tips or issues to keep in mind.  (We can help with final formatting.)
  • Actions or tips should be clearly articulated, using proper grammar.
  • Citations are provided (Chicago Manual of Style format is preferred) and links for your sources when possible.  Consider creating a ‘Discover more’ section of third party resources you like, but do NOT list yourself or your business in this section.  (Save your bio and website information for the byline and resource section at the bottom.)
  • Respect for the reader or user of our website.  Do NOT slander another business or individual, do NOT knowingly lie, and do NOT include links to untrustworthy third-party websites.  See our Terms of Use for more details.
Tone Writers are professional – direct, not foretelling, respectful, courteous, genuine, and helpful.

Don’t forget to include a brief bio

Tell us about yourself at the end of the article (<75 words).  Be sure to include your name, any books you have published (title, publisher, and date), along with a website URL to your company, blog or online resume if you wish it to accompany your name.  Do not include academic degrees or years of experience.

Suggest keyword tags

Help website visitors find your information quickly by providing keywords they can search for.

Understand that…

Extending Reach, LLC does not pay for article submissions. Anything you submit to us is voluntary and grants us a worldwide license to use your information for promotional purposes. See our Terms of Use for more details. For instance, we may tout your article on our home page with a link to the full article for more information or include a snippet of it in a newsletter to our audience.

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